High Resolution GPR Concrete Scanning
High Resolution GPR Concrete Scanning
Mapping rebar, post-tension cables, and conduits in concrete structures
Underground Oil Tank
Underground Oil Tank
Want to know if the property has an underground oil tank?
Underground Utility Locating
Underground Utility Locating
Call Before You Dig! 24/7 Emergency Response

About Us

Canadian Subsurface Investigations (CSi) Inc. provides Utilities Locate, Concrete Scanning and Underground Oil Tank Locates Services in British Columbia, Canada. We are a member of BC One Call and BC Common Ground Alliance (BCCGA). We provide both public and private utilities locate using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic (EM) locator to detect a variety of underground utilities, including: Gas, Electric, Telephone, Water, Storm, Sewer, Fiber-Optics Cables, and Underground Oil Tank Locates. In addition, CSi also provide Concrete Scanning for mapping rebar, post-tension cables, electrical conduits, radiant pipes embedded in the concrete structures prior to drilling, cutting or coring. GPR is recognized as one of the most powerful sensing instruments available today. It is a safe, non-evasive technology for concrete scanning and underground utility locates. (more…)


Our Services

Utility Locate & Subsurface Utility Engineering
Combine GPR and EM technologies for Utility Locate surveys to detect major concerns prior to excavation.
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Concrete Scanning
Concrete Scanning Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the preferred non-destructive technique used for...
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Structural Assessment
Structural Assessment Rebar Spacing, Depth of Rebar and Slab Thickness Measurements Structural asses...
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Oil Tank Locates
Effectively locate deteriorating underground oil tanks that are problematic for homeowners.
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Our Projects

Utility Locates at VIA Rail Canada Terminal in Vancouver
Utility Locate for Translink Skytrain Station
Utility Locates – Rogers Arena Downtown Vancouver
High Resolution GPR Concrete Scanning for a Condo Development in Vancouver
GVRD Pump Station Upgrade Concrete Scanning
Shaw Transmission Tower Seismic Upgrade Utility Locates

Our Technologies

Ground Penetrating Radar
Utility Locate & Subsurface Utility Engineering
Infrared Thermography

Our Clients

This is the third time I used your services. Everything were performed professionally, especially with your staffs arriving on such a short notice. I will definitely use your services again. Thank you!
Rob (Site Superindendent)
We are very happy with your technician and the work he has done for us. All issues were explained and any questions I had was answered in a friendly and professional manner.
Steve (General Contractor)
Excellent service all the way around from start to finish. Thank you for helping us to verify the property was cleared for underground oil tank. Keep up the great job!
Vincent (Home Buyer)